Maxima – “I aint’nt dead!”

January 10th, 2008 | Categories: math software | Tags:

In a recent post over at the sage math blog the author recounts a conversation he had with the well known Wolfram Research employee Eric Weisstein. According to the post, Eric used Maxima as an example of a dead open source mathematics project and was ‘shocked’ when told that this was not the case.

I wondered when Maxima last saw a release and was pleasantly surprised to see that the latest version was released just a few weeks ago on December 23rd 2007. This brings the total number of releases in 2007 to 3 – quite a way from being dead then. Now if only I could find out what’s new in this release…

By the way – in case you haven’t heard of Eric, he is the creator of Wolfram’s Mathworld, previously Eric Weisstein’s world of Mathematics.

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