How to follow WalkingRandomly

April 4th, 2013 | Categories: The internet, walking randomly | Tags:

When I first started this blog, there were only really two methods by which readers could keep up with new content – by subscribing to the RSS feed or by regularly dropping by the site to see what’s new. Since then readers have steadily been requesting other ways to follow the blog and, for the most part, I have obliged.  Here’s a list of current methods:

  • Subscribe to the RSS feed
  • Follow me on Twitter – I post every WR article to my twitter feed along with whatever else I find interesting. Twitter is also a great way of contacting me and is the social media platform on which I am most active.
  • WalkingRandomly on Facebook – A small following compared to the other channels but useful to some it seems.
  • Drop by the site whenever the mood strikes you
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